Great debate `Advertise yourself through SNS`
2023. 02. 08 kiwp
On Oct.25th, 2022 at 2:30, The Korean Institute for Women and Politics held a great debate: "Advertise Yourself with SNS".  The event was held in the Maewha Hall at the Press Center in Seoul. Approximately  100 people, which included the general public and women leaders in politics and various academic fields, gathered to discuss the matter. As the influence of Social Network Services expands in the election process, women politicians need to take part in a more proactive way, which was the main thrust of the event. Dr. Jungsook Kim was the moderator.  Panelists included Prof. Hyungjoon Kim, Prof. Sunmin Lee, Prof. Youngran Cha, and chair of the League of Women Voters  Ms. Eunjoo Lee. They analyzed and discussed the impact of SNS as felt in the last 8th local elections(1st, June).
Hands-on Education "Communicating with the world through SNS"